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Allergies & Asthma
The American Academy of Pediatrics section on Allergies, Asthma & Immunology

Insect Repellants & Sunscreen
Information on the appropriate use of these products.

Cholesterol Screening

The American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed these recommendations regarding cardiovascular health in children.

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Insect Repellants:

  • DEET:
    • Increasing concentration relates to duration of effect, not effectiveness
    • Product choice (DEET concentration)
    • 10% DEET --> two hours of protection
    • 30% DEET --> five to six hours of protection
    • 10%-30% concentrations are safe to use on infants and children
    • May be used on infants and children >2 months of age
    • Do not apply to hands of infants and young children
    • Apply once, although an additional application can be used for extended time outdoors
  • Picardin
    • Synthetic insect repellant alternative to DEET
    • Provides protection comparable to lower concentrations of DEET --> 1.5-two hours
    • Not as damaging to synthetic clothing fibers as DEET


  • SPF relates primarily to duration of protection, not degree of protection
  • Use products with broad UVR (UVB and UVA) protection
  • Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide the broadest UVR protection
  • Apply an appropriate amount of sunscreen and REAPPLY IT OFTEN (at least every two hours)



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